Conference Management and Venue Finding


Here’s what we do

Whether its  venue finding that you need or full on conference management or anything in between, we give you the opportunity to access all our resources to handle all aspects of your event. We can host the conference, prepare all documentation, handle badging & registration and carry out all other on-site activities to ensure a successful event.

Through our strategic partnerships with other market leading technology providers we can also give you access to tools that will make your conference the best that it can be.

Our offline services are an integral element of what we do and then we wrap it all up and deliver the solution through our unique online booking platform

Benefits to you and your business include:

  • You'll be able to relax, knowing you're in safe hands
  • Build the right modules for your event, hotels, conference registration, social events and places to eat are all bookable online.
  • You'll be able to increase attendee levels and repeat bookings
  • You’ll provide the most sophisticated and easy to use booking journey for all attendees
  • You'll get full access and visibility to management information, all online and in one place.

Venue finding…..par excellence!

If a full conference management service is not what you need, we're great listeners and we've got our finger on the pulse when it comes to venue provision.

The listening is important because that's how we find out exactly what's going to be right for you. We'll ask you questions about your event but don't worry, we're not just being nosey, we call that 'profiling' and we believe it's critical because, by asking you the right questions, it helps us to understand what you need so we are able to get the best options for you

Questions? Call us.

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